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Antitrust Litigation

DiNovo Price represents consumers and businesses injured by violations of the antitrust laws, both in class actions and as individuals. A cornerstone of free enterprise, the antitrust laws ensure that consumers and businesses benefit from competition in the form of fair prices and access to markets. The federal antitrust laws, the Sherman and Clayton Acts, prohibit price-fixing, bid-rigging, group boycotts, customer allocation, market allocation, monopolization, and other anticompetitive restraints. Victims of price-fixing or other anticompetitive conduct, both consumers and companies, often suffer damages in the form of higher prices (overcharges) and reduced access to goods and services. Other injuries include reduced product quality and diminished innovation. Likewise, companies that have been illegally forced from the marketplace due to group boycotts or monopolization can suffer lost profits.

Federal and state antitrust laws permit victims of antitrust violations to seek both monetary compensation and injunctive relief for these injuries. Direct purchasers—those who buy directly from cartel members or monopolists—can recover damages under federal law. The laws of most states allow indirect purchasers—those who pay inflated prices later in the chain of distribution, for example, at the retail point of sale—to recover damages in certain jurisdictions. In many cases, consumers and businesses injured by antitrust violations are eligible to recover treble damages.

DiNovo Price also represents businesses and consumers in presenting their concerns about the anticompetitive impact of mergers and acquisitions to the federal and state regulatory agencies, including the United States Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, and State Attorneys General.

The attorneys at DiNovo Price have a wide range of experience in antitrust matters, previously serving as counsel for both plaintiffs and defendants and as government antitrust enforcers. The firm’s antitrust litigation experience spans numerous industries, including telecommunications, semiconductors, high-technology consumer products, software, transportation, biotechnology, agriculture, healthcare, dental equipment and supplies, automobiles, pharmaceuticals and finance. DiNovo Price also has significant experience in complex matters involving the intersection of the patent and antitrust laws, including issues arising from the conduct of standard-setting organizations (SSOs) and their members.

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