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"Dentists Extract $80M From Supply Cos. In Antitrust Deal," Law360

06/25/2019 | Law360
U.S. District Judge Brian M. Cogan … bless[ed] the $80 million deal he praised as being a "fairly large recovery" for the individual dentists in a class action that was an "extraordinarily complex antitrust case" involving vast amounts of data, including nearly one billion financial transactions.

"We are pleased that the court approved the $80 million cash settlement that will bring immediate relief to tens of thousands of dentists across the country. And we commend the court for its diligence in overseeing this complex antitrust class action," Eric Cramer, counsel for the dentists, told Law360 in a statement following the hearing.

The final approval on the deal comes years after dentists first launched a series of litigation accusing three dominant distributors — Henry Schein Inc., Patterson Cos. Inc. and Benco Dental Supply Co. Inc. — of artificially inflating prices on everything from the chairs that patients sit in to the cements that keep artificial teeth in place.

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