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"Most Image Patent Claims Challenged By Apple Survive PTAB," Law360

05/09/2016 | Law360
The Patent Trial and Appeal Board found Friday that Apple and ZTE showed that three claims of an e-Watch Inc. patent on digital image technology were invalid as obvious over prior art, but failed to show that eight other claims were unpatentable.

In a 58-page decision in an America Invents Act review, the board found that tech giant Apple Inc. and Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corp. proved that claims 12–14 of e-Watch’s U.S. Patent No. 7,365,871 B2 were invalid as obvious over prior art but failed to prove that claims 1–8 were unpatentable on any ground.

The ’871 patent covers “image capture and transmission systems and is specifically directed to an image capture, compression, and transmission system for use in connection with land line and wireless telephone systems,” according to the decision. E-Watch specializes in developing hardware, software and services related to security surveillance systems.

The case is Apple Inc. et al. v. e-Watch Inc., case numbers IPR2015-00412 and IPR2015-01366, before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

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